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10 – New England Conference 3rd Check-Up Meeting, Mt. Olive AME Zion Church, Waterbury, CT 

10 – 1st Check-up meeting, NC Metropolitan, Uyo

17 – 1st Check-up meeting, SNC AMEZ Church, Minya

17 – Western New York Conference 3rd Check-Up Meeting, Fifth Avenue AME Zion Church, Albany, NY

24 – New York Conference 3rd Check-Up Meeting, Mount Hope AME Zion Church, White Plains, NY



1 – 1st Check-up Meeting, LWNC  Alfred Dunston, Lagos 

12-16 – The 147th Session of the New Jersey Annual Conference, Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village, Princton, NJ. St. Paul AME Zion Church, Host Church 

13-15 – 174th Allegheny Annual Conference, Trinity A.M.E. Zion - Host Church, 3105 Allendale Street, Pittsburgh, PA

15 – 1st Check-up meeting, PHNC Living Gospel, PH

22 – 1st Check-up meeting, CNC St. John, Umuaro Ogwa 

27-29 – 192nd Philadelphia and Baltimore Annual Conference

29 – 1st Check-up Meeting, SENC Walls, Aba 


5 – 1st Check-up meeting, NNC All Saints, Kano 

10-12 – 106th Ohio Annual Conference, Beth-El A.M.E. Zion – Host Church, 1428 East 110th Street, Cleveland, OH

16-20 – The 177th Session of the New England Annual Conference, Belmont AME Zion Church, Host Church

17-19 – 112th East Tennessee-Virginia Annual Conference

23-27– The 200th Session of the New York Annual Conference, Westchester Marriott, Tarrytown, NY. Mother AME Zion Church

24-26 – 155th Virginia Annual Conference

30 - July 4 – The 172nd Sessions of the Western New York Annual Conference, Durham AME Zion Church Buffalo, NY



10-11 – 9th St. Vincent Annual Conference

27-Aug 1 – 51st Quadrennial General Conference, Atlanta, GA


1-4 – Connectional Lay Council Convocation, Atlanta, GA



11 – Final Check-up Meeting, NNC Metropolitan AMEZ Church, Aso, Nassarawa

11 – Final Check-up Meeting, CRNC Bishop Lartey Mem, Calabar

12 – Philadelphia and Baltimore Conference 1st Check-up Meeting

13 – Final Check-up Meeting, MNC St. Mark, Ikot Abia, Okon Eket 

14 – Final Check-up Meeting, SNC Holy Trinity, Mkpat Enin 

15 – Final Check-up Meeting, ANC Bishop Matthews, Ikot Udo Essang

16 – Final Check-up Meeting, NC Holy Trinty AMEZ Church, Ndon Ebom

19 – Virginia Conference 1st Check-up Meeting

20 – Final Check-up, CNC Chapel-On-The-Hill, Owerri

21 – Final Check-up, SENC Walls AMEZ Church, Aba

22 – Final Check-up, RNC AMEZ Church, Omokwa

23 – Final Check-up, PHNC    Bishop White AMEZ Church, PH

25 – Final Check-up, LWNC     Alfred Dunston AMEZ Church, Lago

26 – Ohio Conference 1st Check-up Meeting

27 – Allegheny Conference 1st Check-up Meeting

30-Oct 4 – Annual Conference, CRNC Bishop Lartey Mem. Calabar



7-10 – Annual Conference, ANC Bishop Matthews, Ikot Udo Essang 

10 – East Tennessee-Virginia 1st Check-up Meeting

14-17 – Annual Conference, MNC, St. Mark, Ikot Abia, Okon Eket 

21–24 – Annual Conference, SNC All Saints, Ikot Abia, Mkpat Enin     

28-31 –Annual Conference, NC, Holy Trinty AMEZ Church, Ndon Ebom 



4-7 – Annual Conference, PHNC Bishop White AMEZC, PH

11-14 – Annual Conference, RNC AMEZ Church, Omokwa

18-21 – Annual Conference, CNC Chapel-On-The-Hill, Owerri

25-28 – Annual Conference, SENC Walls, Aba 



2-5 – Annual Conference, NNC Abundant Life AMEZ Church, Jabi, Abuja

5 – Allegheny Conference 2nd Check-up Meeting (Location TBA)

5 – Philadelphia and Baltimore Conference 2nd Check-up Meeting (Cyber)

5 – Ohio Conference  2nd Check-up Meeting (Cyber )

5 – East Tennessee – Virginia  Conference 2nd Check-up Meeting (Cyber)

5 – Virginia Conference 2nd Check-up Meeting (Cyber)

5 – Tennessee Check Up Meeting St. Mark AMEZ Church, Athens, TN

9-12 – Annual Conference, LWNC Alfred Dunston, idi-Oro

12 – Kentucky Check Up Meeting, Hughlett Temple AMEZ Church, Louisville, KY

26–30 – CED Winter Meeting

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