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Honor a Zion Woman for a Special Women's History Month Article in March 2023

Here is your opportunity to honor a woman who is a member of The A.M.E. Zion denomination for a special article entitled, "Zion Honors Zion Women."

Please submit a photo (headshot preferable) and a paragraph of 75 words maximum at 12PT Times New Roman Font with the following description of your submission:

  • Full name and title

  • Church, Conference and Episcopal District of membership.

  • Explanation of why you are honoring her. (i.e. something noteworthy, an award she received, an accomplishment, a position she holds, an achievement, her personality, etc.)

  • The deadline for submissions is February 3. 2023.

  • Only submissions for women who are members of The A.M.E. Zion denomination.

  • Preferably living, but a deceased woman who you believe made a mark on the denomination's history (local, community or denomination wide) would be greatly appreciated as well.

Please email the photo and paragraph to

Thank you!

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