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IT'S IN THE COLOR PINK - By: Reverend Leona Nicholas Welch

A poem written expressly for


At Kyles Temple AME Zion Church; Vallejo,

and shared here to acknowledge and encourage

anyone who is now or has battled cancer.


She never thought a lot about what colors really mean-

some suggest excitement - others more serene.

Until that day when she'd walked away,

hearing what her doctor had to say.

That unsettling word- she would rather not have heard.

Cancer--"Oh God, give me an answer," she prayed.

The fear mounting up - the reality stayed,

and again, she prayed.

There on her knees, in the first morning light,

She remembered Her Lord, His love, and His might.

How she should walk by faith and not by sight,

that He'd be there for her, that hers was His fight

In His, Presence, she prayed,

God, I know that you feel me.

Jehovah Rapha, touch me and heal me.

In your power, Dear God I have hope, I believe

I trust your Word. Oh God I receive.

She never thought much about what colors said,

but there on her knees she remembered RED,

And How Jesus had bled.

In the dim of that room, she thought about WHITE

and how it stood for Righteousness and Light.

Slowly and calmly, she began to think,

That Red mixed with White gave the color PINK

And all of a sudden, deep down in her soul,

came a swelling of peace, and the surging of bold.

Jesus had spoken; He’d given her the link.

Alleluia, Praise God, IT'S IN THE COLOR, PINK!

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