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Rev. Dr. Melanie Miller for Bishop, Zion’s Choice for a Strong Future

God’s plan is for Zion to have a strong future in all the work we do for Him. I believe God has given me a STRONG vision for The A.M.E. Zion Church to help carry out His plan for us. For us to have a strong future in achieving our potential, saving souls, and building the kingdom of God, we must:

STRENGTHEN our Faith in God and our church, The AME Zion Church.

TERMINATE the underutilization of women leaders and acknowledge their value, qualifications, and readiness by integrating them in leadership positions at all levels within the church through elections and appointments, fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

REFOCUS on strengthening our local churches, and the health of our communities.

OPTIMIZE the use of young and global leaders throughout Zion.

NEUTRALIZE the effects of prejudice and bigotry in our communities by nurturing healthy relationships and strong families.

GROW and develop ministries in our church that better meet the needs of all people.

I am humbled to be the pastor of St. Paul in Ewing, NJ, the first church in the Camden District (CD) and one of the strongest churches in the North Eastern Episcopal District (NEED). I supervise five supernumerary ministers and over 28 church officers. It has always been my practice to help my colleagues, church leaders, members, friends, and churches to go beyond the apparent and to embrace the possibilities and plans God has for His people. I strive to be a change agent and believe it is my duty to leave everywhere I am appointed better than I found it.

I have served as a leader in The A.M.E. Zion Church in many capacities over the years; however, I am most passionate about the impact I have made as a mentor for children, youth, and young and old adults in the following areas: spiritual well-being including developing healthy relationships and emotional and psychological wellness; educational and career progression and accomplishment; assisting churches, pastors and members in distress; organizing and implementing outreach projects, especially during the pandemic to provide COVID-19 testing and vaccinations to underserved communities, food and other resources to the unemployed, food deserts, and experiencing the impact of the loss of a loved one; and diligently providing means to keep members and the community at-large “Connected to God and one another, Encouraged by the word of God and unity of spirit of like believers, and Informed about everything that may impact them in every day society,” especially the power of the vote.

I currently serve as: Board Member, Harriett Tubman Home, Inc.; Chair, New Jersey Conference (NJC) Finance Committee, and the Budget Committee; Conference Studies Professor; Board of Examiners; Lead, NJC Annual Conference Site Planning Committee; Chair, CD Admissions Committee, and member, CD Finance Committee. I formerly served as the Co-Dean and presenter for the NEED Leadership Summit, Jersey City District’s Finance Committee Secretary, and Dean of the Spiritual Health, Wealth, and Wisdom – Personal and Professional Development Series. I collaborated with Rev. Dr. Reginald Boyd, Director, Recruitment, Admissions & Alumni Engagement at Hood Theological Seminary to lead a committee of Zionites to develop the 27-Credit Conference Studies Certificate, which is in beta testing in NEED. I have authored numerous articles published in the Star of Zion. I serve as a Chaplain in the U.S. Navy representing the Emmanuel presence in the life of service members in the Marine Corps in Twentynine Palms, CA and the Navy around the world including San Diego, CA, and Yokosuka Japan. My last duty assignment was as the first Chaplain Program Officer with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mission for chaplain recruiting.

Memberships: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the NAACP, the Zion Clergywomen Network, National Naval Officers Association (NNOA), Military Chaplains Association, and the past president of the Fellowship of Black Churches of Hackensack and Vicinity. I have traveled to five of the seven continents, 43 countries, 45 states, and visited over 320 AME Zion Churches around the world.

Family: Married to Rev. Jimmie Miller since 1983. Three sons, Jimmie, Jr., and twins, Jerome (married to Terri) and Jason (married to Sherry); one daughter, Jetaime; raised a nephew, Lamar (married to Jessica). Proud grandparents of eight, and proud grandaunt/uncle of three.

Work Experience:

1987-1994, Drafter, Computer-Aided Drafting, E.L. Hamm & Associates, DynCorp

1994-2001, Technology Teacher, Drafting Instructor, Norfolk Public Schools

2001-2003, CADD Department Manager, U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security

2003-2004, Technology Teacher, Stafford Public Schools

2005-2008, Pastor, Sycamore Hill, NC

2006-2008, Graduate Teaching Assistant/Adjunct Professor, Old Dominion University

2009-2012, Chaplain, U.S. Navy, Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS) 374

2010-2012, Pastor, Martin Temple, CA

2011-2014, Adjunct Professor, Higher Education, Ashford University

2013-2021, Pastor, Varick Memorial, NJ

2015-2017, Education Services Specialist, Navy Recruiting District New York

2016-Present, Chaplain, U.S. Navy, Navy Surface Warfare Support, Littoral Combat Support, Navy Recruiting Command


DMin, Biblical Interpretation and Proclamation, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

PhD, Higher Education, Old Dominion University

MDiv, Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, Virginia Union University

BS, Occupational and Technical Studies, Old Dominion University

Certificate, Engineering and Architectural Drafting, Maryland Drafting Institute

Other Certificates: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Cornell University, Sustaining the Preaching Life, Princeton Theological Seminary, National CAD/CAM Association Master Drafter, Global Certificate in Understanding and Serving Our Global Community, Old Dominion University, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Level I, Hampton Veterans Administration Hospital, and United States Navy Professional Naval Chaplaincy course.

Personal Interests: A passion for learning, arts and crafts of all kinds, gardening, completing puzzles, exercise, hanging with family, and traveling and cruising with my husband.

Rev. Dr. Melanie Miller, Zion’s Choice for a Strong Future!
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