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A.I.M. High with Harris in 2024


I am The Reverend Keith I. Harris, candidate for Bishop in The A.M.E. Zion Church. My vision for our church can best be effectuated through this simple yet powerful mantra: "A.I.M. High With Harris," representing Accountability, Integrity, and Ministry Focus.

I am urging you to join me and A.I.M. High for our beloved Zion. First and foremost, “Accountability” is the foundation of effective leadership. As a Bishop, I vow to be transparent and amenable to each one of you. We should be accountable for our actions, decisions, and the impact they have on the entire church community. I believe that by promoting accountability, we can foster trust, unity, and a sense of responsibility that will empower our church to flourish. 

Secondly, “Integrity” is a non-negotiable aspect of Christian character. With unwavering honesty, moral principles, and ethical conduct, I promise to lead by example. I understand the importance of upholding the values and teachings of our faith. We must ensure that integrity permeates every aspect of our church. Together, we will build a community where trust is paramount and integrity shines through in all of our endeavors. 

Lastly, “Ministry Focus” is essential. The heart of our church lies in the effective ministry that we provide to our members and the broader community. I am committed to fulfilling the mission mandate as established by Christ through the spreading of love, compassion, and benevolence to all those in need. I will work tirelessly to empower and equip our ministers and laity to become effective ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.

My campaign mantra, "A.I.M. High with Harris," embodies my commitment to elevate the standards of service and leadership within our church community. Throughout my ministry, I have consistently demonstrated a dedication to accountability, integrity, and authentic ministry. I believe that by aiming high, we can collectively reach new heights and realize sustained growth and the posterity of The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

Delegates, as you prayerfully contemplate the future of The A.M.E. Zion Church, I urge you to look at one who will be accountable to you and who has the integrity and passion for doing real ministry. I sincerely solicit your prayers, support, and vote at the seat of the 52nd Quadrennial Session of the General Conference.

So, remember to “A.I.M. High With Harris” and take our church to new heights. Thank you, and God bless you all! 

Blessings, Rev. Keith I. Harris

Reverend Keith I. Harris, A.M.E. Zion Church, General Conference, A.I.M. High with Harris


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