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Capsule Summer Wardrobe


Have you thought about what your style will be this summer? Try building a capsule summer wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is multiple clothing items that can mix and match to create numerous outfits. A few of my favorite summer clothing items are maxi dresses for the ladies and linen shirts for the gentlemen. Of course, pair the maxi dresses with sandals and the linen shirts with a pair of chino shorts or linen pants. Breathable and lightweight clothing is important for the hot summer months.

Bright colors are often associated with summer, but it is important to incorporate neutrals to build the perfect summer capsule wardrobe. You can add neutrals to your closet without abandoning your style. Neutrals will pair well with bright colors and give you endless outfit options.

To help curate your summer wardrobe, I have included ten essential items for you to mix and match, to be worn to church, summer cookouts, the beach, and other fun places. You do not have to break the bank to add these items. You can find them at your local thrift store, consignment shop, discount store, and online. You can even do a clothing swap with your friends to enhance your wardrobe with items they no longer use. I am all about saving the environment and a coin.


  1. Maxi dress
  2. White button-up shirt
  3. Neutral sandals
  4. Linen pants
  5. Low or kitten heels
  6. Denim shorts
  7. Sunglasses - Brown or Black
  8. Straw tote bag or cross-body
  9. Wide-brim hat or a cap
  10. Light jacket or cardigan


  1. Linen shirt
  2. Linen pants
  3. Denim shorts
  4. Graphic tee
  5. Linen blazer
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Hat
  8. White sneakers
  9. White tee
  10. Hoodie
Capsule, Summer Wardrobe


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