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C.A.R.E For Pastor: An Initiative of The A.M.E. Zion Church


The A.M.E. Zion C.A.R.E. program demonstrates our great CONCERN for pastors with ACTION through RESOURCES and EDUCATION.

The purpose of this program is to begin to shift the pastor’s mindset from suffering-in-silence to giving them the encouragement and tools to advocate for themselves at the local church and within the denomination. We want pastors to know that we know their predicament and are doing something about it. This program also begins the process of changing the denominational culture from the hierarchy through to congregations to Care-for-the-Pastor.

The goal is to create and begin to model a sustainable paradigm for our pastors in their preparation for, execution of, and retirement from pastoral leadership. This will allow the pastor to focus on the care of the people while the people focus on the care of the pastor. The educational program will provide tools to pastors and congregations that seed this change such that others will want to experience the greater change beyond the cash awards. While the cash awards to the pastors is important, its real value will be in the change environment of the awarded pastors such that they become ambassadors for change in the denomination. They speak with other pastors and lay leaders advocating for others to participate in the education component. This can show up in enhanced giving towards pastors’ salaries, proper payroll participation, and contributions to the pastors’ 403(b)9 retirement plan. These items will be measured following the program’s completion and compared to the results collected during the planning phase.

Click below to watch our Virtual Session and get all the information you need to APPLY TODAY.

Deadline for applications 11:59 PM EST on October 31, 2022.

Final Commitment

I understand and agree to the following:

1. Be physically present at 2 day in-person meeting in Charlotte, NC January 31 and February - expenses paid by program. (Must be present to receive the grant).

2. Participate in twelve weekly 1-hour online lessons via Zoom on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm EST. There are 20 workshops over 6 months, and I will attend each workshop.

3. Speak weekly with an assigned mentor during the week following the lesson.Secure a congregational leader to participate six weekly 1-hour online lessons via Zoom, time and day to be determined.

4. Secure $1000 donation from local church on behalf of pastor.

5. Meet with outside financial counselor 4 times during program period and complete financial plan. Sessions with the confidential LSS Financial Counseling will be held in strictest confidence, who will not divulge any of my information except to confirm that I have attended at least 4 sessions. (Plan will remain confidential between participant and counselor. C.A.R.E. Program will be only be advised if plan has completed.)

6. I will demonstrate improved proficiency in financial matters through

a. Post completion survey of financial knowledge

b. Preparing my personal Financial Budget

c. Next steps in my plan for retirement

d. Statement regarding whether I have a will, and if not, why not.

e. Statement regarding whether I have life insurance and if not, why I will not sign-up for A.M.E. Zion Church’s FREE life insurance policy, for which I will have an opportunity to do during the program.

f. Statement regarding whether I have healthcare and if not, why I will not sign-up for government programs, for which I will have an opportunity to do during the program.

7. I acknowledge that if I receive a cash award that it is taxable income and that I will receive a 1099 for that income. I am aware that I will only receive 80% of the cash award in the calendar year awarded and the 20% balance in the 1st quarter of following calendar year, so that I can use it for income tax payments, if needed.

8. I will be required to provide my social security number prior to receiving my cash award but only after it has been determined that I receive the award.

9. I acknowledge that I will be awarded the grant from C.A.R.E. for Pastor Program only if I have been accepted into the program and have successfully completed all of the above as determined by the Office of the Chief Operating Officer.



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