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Elizabeth City District CED celebrates their 2024 Church School Convention!


The Elizabeth City District Christian Education Department celebrated our Church School Convention on March 23, 2024, at Mt. Lebanon A.M.E. Zion Church, where the pastor is Rev. Javan Leach. This year’s theme was “FAITH IS LIKE A MUSCLE: IT HAS TO BE EXERCISED DAILY.”

The Convention was opened by the District Director of Christian Education, Mrs. Lucy Beamon, with a processional of members from all of our departments: Children, Youth, Young Adults, and Adults. We marched into the instrumental version of the Rocky movie theme song, “Gonna Fly Now.” We wore metal medallions to signify being winners when we trust in God and grow our faith daily.

Our opening worship service included scripture found in Luke 5:17-20 Little Miss Holland Hill of Good Hope A.M.E. Zion Church, followed by a spirit-filled prayer by Mrs. Mary Holley of Whiteville Grove A.M.E. Zion Church. After we opened up in Gospel order, the Children and Youth Departments were led downstairs by their teachers, District Director of Children, Mrs. Sandra Davis, and Mrs. Felicia Brittingham-Hill of Good Hope A.M.E. Zion Church, to learn about exercising their faith through age-appropriate lessons. They had an opportunity to share in the discussion about faith and how to exercise it daily. They made crafts, played icebreaker games, participated in bible searches, and received the “CED Survival Kit.” They were also given envelopes containing “Emergency Numbers” about scriptures to reference when they needed to call on Jesus!

While those two departments were downstairs, the Young Adult and Adult Departments had a representative from each church share their Sunday School program with us, which was led by Mrs. Yvonne Walton, local Director of Christian Education at Mt. Lebanon A.M.E. Zion. They described their church’s Sunday School service, such as attendance, whether virtual or in-person, time of day, number of teachers/classes, and how many days a month they meet.

Afterward, Rev. Wanda Johnson, District Director of Young Adults, led a lesson discussion about four types of Faith:

• Collective Faith using scripture in Matthew Chapter 18
• Commanding Faith using scripture in Luke Chapter 10
• Questioned Faith using scripture in Luke Chapter 7
• Persistent Faith using scripture in Matthew Chapter 15

After each type of faith was explained, all attendees had an opportunity to share their testimonies and ask questions.

Once the time of sharing was completed, the departments that were downstairs rejoined the adults upstairs and presented information about what they learned.

In honor of our former District Director of Youth, Ms. Thelma Jordan, who was also the Penny Brigade President for the W.H.O.M.S., we presented her with a gift basket and certificates from both organizations.

We had a wonderful day enjoying Jesus. After remarks by our Presiding Elder, Rev. Dr. Donald Jones, we recited the Sunday School Benediction, sang the Wesleyan Grace, and went downstairs to the Dining Hall for refreshments prepared by Ms. Alice Stallings and Mrs. Wilma Griffin, both members of Whiteville Grove A.M.E. Zion Church!

Elizabeth City District Christian Education Department, Mrs. Sandra Davis Mrs. Felicia Brittingham-Hill, CED Survival Kit


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