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Fall/Winter Activities for the Family


Fall is here, and it is the best time of year to eat sweet potato pie, drink hot chocolate, and go Christmas Caroling with family and friends. Below is a list of family-friendly activities to indulge in during arguably the best time of year. 

  1. Apple picking - Google the words “Apple Picking” and see what pops up near you. This is fun for all ages. 
  2. Run through a corn maze. 
  3. Host a potluck - Ask your family and/or friends to bring a fall dish.
  4. Volunteer at a food bank- This time of year, food banks are really busy preparing for the holidays. Share with your children and/or grandchildren the importance of giving back and find a local food bank to assist. Ask your church family to join you. Call the local food bank first to see what volunteer opportunities are available and what information they need from you. 
  5. Christmas shopping
  6. Have a fall photoshoot- Have you tried using your smartphone for photos? Try it if you want to save money. Photos will look great. All you need is a tripod or a person to assist. 
  7. Attend a local college football game.
  8. Have a movie night.
  9. Learn about the importance of Christmas; Jesus is the REASON for the season!- Host a play or event at your local church honoring Jesus and all that He has done for the world. 
  10. Bake a sweet potato pie. - A traditional southern dish. There are so many recipes on the internet for this one. Talk to a fellow church member, as their recipe might be better than Google's. 
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