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Food For Thought: An Interview with Chef Bryan Allen


“Food is not only necessary to sustain life it can create community and express love”, commented Chef Bryan Allen in his exclusive interview with the Star of Zion.

Mr. Allen or Chef B. has been in the culinary industry for over 20 years. His introduction to culinary art began in his family environment observing his mother, aunts, and grandmother in what he calls “the study” learning family traditions and basis cooking truths. Upon entering High School, he enrolled in the Culinary Arts program and while still a student in high school, his mother passed on to him the executive leadership role for her New York based catering company- Edye's Kitchen. He proved to be quite the visionary and business leader as he took Edye’s Kitchen to new heights- offering cooking classes, private chef services, and introducing the “Family Favorite Desserts” collection and a line of gourmet seasonings.

Now known as Chef B’s Table the company takes a unique approach to culinary art. Chef B’s approach to cooking could be described as simultaneously elegant and rustic, comforting yet refined. He starts with sourcing the very best ingredients the Atlantic Northeast has to offer, from locally grown fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, meats, and cheeses. He combines these in ways that will surprise and delight, the result being delicious and beautiful. “I enjoy seeing the sparkle in peoples’ eyes when they have tasted some delicious food I have prepared.” Chef B hosts monthly events, he prepares a 4-course menu for a limited amount of guests, in a secret location, made known only to the diners, once their seating has been confirmed. The menu will always consist of the finest meats, seafood, dairy, and vegan options, along with beverages and a signature cocktail, to make for an enjoyable experience.

Chef B is not only concerned with cooking and feeding you; he is also a teacher. Formerly a member of the Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church in Mt. Vernon, New York - his “On the table” masterclass is an idea birthed out of the Northeastern Episcopal District Lay Council in October of 2020; also, available in this series is a “Kid Cuisine” masterclass. for youth ages 6-17. Perhaps you are more of a literary learner- Chef B has you covered there as well. He has published an E-Book entitled. Cooking in the Daniel Fast: Delicious Healthy Recipes for Your Spiritual Cleanse.

Chef B is a husband, father of two, preacher, and servant to God’s people. The joy he gets out of life is derived from these identifiers. He is the epitome of one giving of their best to the “Master”

You can learn more about him, his ministry, and everything else he offers on his website; https://www.onthetablewithchefb.com


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