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From Dream To Reality


What does it take for dreams to become reality? Dreams do come true, and it takes effort and commitment. Just ask the Historical Society at Moore’s Sanctuary AME Zion Church in Charlotte, NC. Hot off the Press—the team is promoting “Generations—Faithful To His Calling”. The 200+ page pictorial odyssey traces the history back to 1870 when the church had its beginning, just three miles from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The team says vision and dream provided the motivation, commitment, and discipline to pool time and talents, over a seven-year period, to realize the dream. The Historical Society hopes the tenacity and faith to persevere will also inspire and affect others churches to live out their dreams in Christ.

Generations Faithful To His Calling was officially released Saturday, October 21st, in conjunction with Moore’s Sanctuary’s Family Reunion Picnic, 147th Homecoming, and Revival, and to celebrate, the committee held a book signing/launch reception for church family and friends. According to Rev. Dr. Raymon Hunt, pastor, “The Historical Society Committee of “The Sanctuary” is to be commended, but most of all congratulated. This project did not just start with this committee, but begun over 147 years ago in the founding of this congregation. Somewhere in the continuum of the Moore’s Sanctuary AME Zion Church, the founding mothers and fathers were able to instill in those who would become stewards of responsibility, the importance of passing on the torch of keeping history, our story alive here at “The Sanctuary”. History has to be told or else it dies and when it dies we cannot remember who we are or why we are here.

The Historical Society started the long, cumbersome process over seven years ago, under the direction of Oscar Bidgood. Along with his committee consisting mostly of lifetime members of Moore’s Sanctuary, the team started pulling together data, pictures, information, newspaper clippings, and resources from the church’s archives. Mr. Bidgood credits the success of overseeing the process of researching, compiling, writing, editing, and publishing to nothing less than unswerving faith in God and commitment to see the project through to completion. “We owe much gratitude to the many pioneers who came before us and the manner in which they preserved the church’s history. These great men, women, and children sacrificed greatly, endured much hardship and overcame unbelievable odds so that we could enjoy the fruitions of their labors generations later. Our hats go off to all of those dedicated people; and maybe in some perpetual way, we can leave, as they did, an indelible, positive and significant legacy that will inspire and empower future generations.”

Moore’s Sanctuary has a long illustrious history in Mecklenburg County, and like many southern churches had its beginning as a brush arbor in the Sloan Quarters community, and has never moved from its original location at 4101 Morris Field Drive. Moore’s Sanctuary was named for the late Rev. Dublin Moore and Bishop John Jamison Moore.

Members of the Historical Society Committee at Moore’s Sanctuary who served on the team to display the works that God has accomplished among His people: Oscar W. Bidgood, Chairman, Betty Bidgood, Willette Boyd, Mildred Coleman, Elaine Cooper, Rosetta Erwin, Vera Gladden, William Hill, Jr., Beverly W. Hunt, Edna Jones, Marshall McCall, Nancy McDonald, Warren Moore, Louise Pruitt (deceased), Hestella Redic, Mary Wilmore, Rev. Joseph Shaw, Rev. Charles Woods., and Rev. Dr. Raymon Hunt.

“Great are the works of the Lord; they are studied by all who delight in them. (Psalm 111:2 AMP)

The cost of the book is $50. To purchase a copy, contact the church office: Moore’s Sanctuary AME Zion Church, 4101 Morris Field Drive, Charlotte, NC 28208; 704-392-3037; mooressanctuary@bellsouth.net; website: www.mooressanctuaryamezion.org


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