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How to Live and Not Die!


Death has never been an easy topic to talk about until now. I have learned how to live and not die. Most people do not care to talk about death, but I have great news about death. You don’t have to die. I can teach you about death and how to avoid dying. Discussing death is much easier when there is a way to avoid it. In the end, not discussing the subject doesn’t bring clarity or relief but only makes for a painful, depressing, and devastating experience.

John 11:26 Jesus said to Martha, “And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” I’m asking you, Can you believe this?” First of all, you may wonder what exactly Christ meant when He said that. How can a person live and not die? Who wants to ever die?

My name is Cheryl Footman, with Cheryl Footman Ministries, and I’m saying, “Yes, you can live forever and never die.” I’m a living witness. I’m a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I followed the life plan that Jesus laid out in the 4 Gospels of the Bible and found how to live and not die. From October 9th through 19th, I fasted for ten days with no food and no water, and I’m still alive to tell you about it. As of October 27th, I started another 10-day fast, and as November 2 is day 7, no food, no water, and no hunger pains, just a few growls here and there. Jesus Christ has taught me how to live and not die. You may be asked why I would do this; it’s called “fasting.” Feed the spirit, starve the flesh. This way, spirits can be released, but you cannot live without having received the spirit of life.

According to Medicinenet.com, “Usually, a person may survive only for three days without water, but this may change depending on the person’s body needs. No one can live more than five to six days without water.” That might be true for those who live by the flesh, but for those who live by the spirit, I beg to differ. I lived ten days without food and without water, and I continued with my everyday activities. The first time, I did feel tired and sluggish, dry mouth, and all that stuff. But this time, I don’t feel any of that. Christ lived 40 days, and I am sure He could have lived longer because the way I feel right now in the spirit, I never have to eat again and still live.

There is a spirit man to have, and that spirit is called life. Each of us can receive it. It’s greater than the spirit of death that lives in our flesh. Yes, death is just a spirit, and it can be removed from the flesh, but you must be taught how. I have experience, and I can teach you how. So don’t go off doing this on your own or with someone else who hasn’t been through this process. Without the Spirit of Life, you will die.

GOD’s plan doesn’t change. Death does not belong to us; if we don’t want it, we can rid our flesh of it. GOD made a plan for man’s disobedience that led him to receive that evil spirit, which caused him death by spiritual separation from GOD, death in the knowledge of the truth, and physical death of the flesh that was handed down to all of us.

GOD sent HIS Son, who came and dealt with our mental death by teaching us the truth, the way back to God, and bruised the head of the serpent while on the cross, as the seed of the Serpent bruised His heel when He died on the cross.
And when he rose again after death, three nights and three days in death, he presented His body to His Father whole again. Provision was made for us to receive back that spirit of life that Adam and Eve lost because of their sin, making it possible for us to live again forever and not die.

But in order to not die, you must first have the Spirit of Life, the Holy Spirit, which you can receive only through Jesus Christ. Christ has called me into the ministry and taught me how to live and never die so that I can teach you how to live and never die. Remember, without the Spirit of Life, you will die.

If you would like more information, contact me by text for booking at 317-661-4606 or email: drcherylfootman@gmail.com, visit my website: cherylfootman.com, or subscribe to YouTube @cherylfootman9199.

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