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Inaugural MHG Legacy Gala: Celebrating 135 Years of Leadership & Legacy


The Inaugural MHG Legacy Gala, held at the K.E. White Graduate Center on the campus of Elizabeth City State University, was an inspiring celebration of 135 years of Mary Holly Grove, A.M.E. Zion Church’s legacy and leadership. The essence of “Worship • Work • WIN” permeated the event, creating a night of reverence and honor.

This extraordinary gala aimed to pay tribute to the unwavering leadership that has sustained Mary Holly Grove throughout its rich history. The MHG Legacy Awards rightfully recognized pastors who appointed and steadfastly left an enduring impact on the congregation. Esteemed honorees included Reverend Charlie Bowe, Reverend Anita Hurdle, Reverend Javan Leach, Reverend Miracle Parker, and Reverend Jessie Riddick.

The event’s vision came to life as it acknowledged those who accepted the call and nomination, contributing significantly to the spiritual tapestry of Mary Holly Grove. A poignant moment unfolded as the gala paused to remember and honor the pastors and laity who have passed on. The candle-lighting ceremony at a specially reserved table became a touching tribute, emphasizing the gala’s theme of remembrance.

Worship took center stage, guided by the skillful hands of Ms. Karen Johnson (KSoul) & Company, the former Minister of Music. Their melodious tunes filled the K.E White Graduate Center, creating an atmosphere of spiritual connection and reflection. The synergy of worship resonated with the Gala’s theme, emphasizing the importance of grounding oneself in faith.

Work was evident not only in the diligent efforts to organize such a significant event but also in the collective journey of Mary Holly Grove. The honored pastors had dedicated their lives to the work of ministry, impacting countless individuals. Their commitment showcased the embodiment of hard work and dedication, reflecting the Gala’s overarching theme.

The final element, WIN, symbolizes victories achieved through faith, labor, and remembrance. The MHG Legacy Gala stood as a testament to Mary Holly Grove’s victories over challenges across 135 years. The awarded pastors embodied the spirit of winning through their enduring contributions to the church and community.

In conclusion, the Inaugural MHG Legacy Gala was a night of excellence where worship, work, and the celebration of victories harmoniously converged. The meticulous construction of Mary Holly Grove’s legacy over 135 years was honored with respect and gratitude. The candlelit memories, soul-stirring worship, and acknowledgment of dedicated leaders painted a vivid picture of the church’s rich history and its promising future.

Special thanks go to the talented MCs, Mr. Leander and Mrs. Stephanie Kinchen, who skillfully guided the evening with warmth and enthusiasm. Heartfelt appreciation is also reserved for the dedicated members of the MHG Gala Committee: Ms. Vernita Felton, Ms. Sheila Frost, Ms. Rosa Frost, Ms. Shirley Hurdle, Lady Robin Parker, and Mrs. Patrice Stewart. Their tireless efforts and meticulous planning ensured that every detail contributed to the Gala’s success.

Expressing gratitude to Mr. Leander, Mrs. Stephanie Kinchen, and the entire MHG Gala Committee, we recognize that their contributions were essential in creating an atmosphere of reverence, celebration, and unity. The success of the Inaugural MHG Legacy Gala stands as a testament to their collective efforts and unwavering commitment to the Mary Holly Grove community.

We also want to acknowledge the outstanding ministers who accepted the nomination but, regrettably, couldn’t be present at the gala – Reverend Jasper Gaskins and Elder G. Curtis Newby. Though absent, their contributions and impact were acknowledged with respect and appreciation during this memorable night. Together, these elements formed a tapestry of celebration, remembrance, and community, embodying the spirit of Mary Holly Grove’s enduring legacy.

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