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Presiding Elder Laticia Hill Godette Donates $30,000 to the Connectional Lay Council for The Bishop George J. Leake, III Endowed Scholarship


Presiding Elder Laticia Hill Godette was the Keynote Speaker at The Bishop George J. Leake, III Endowment Scholarship Breakfast. P.E. Godette is the first woman to ever serve as a Presiding Elder in The New Jersey Annual Conference of the A.M.E. Zion Church.

P.E. Godette is a 2014 Summa Cum Laude Graduate of Hood Theological Seminary in Salisbury, NC. While matriculating at Hood Theological Seminary, P.E. Godette was awarded The Bishop George J. Leake, III Endowed Scholarship in the amount of $3,000. P.E. Godette honored the late Bishop Richard Keith Thompson and thanked him for encouraging her to attend Hood Theological Seminary and apply for the scholarship.

P.E. Godette stated, “Bishop Thompson saw something in me that I did not see in myself. Bishop Thompson told me to go to Hood and he sowed a seed by buying my books. Bishop Thompson wrote my letter of recommendation when I applied for the scholarship. I came this morning to tell the Connectional Lay Council, “Thank You!” You sowed seed into good ground. Bishop Thompson planted a seed. The Connectional Lay Council planted a seed. Many people helped me by watering the seeds. God gave the increase. I am forever grateful. I present this $30,000 check to help more students further their theological education.”

P.E. Godette was led to give $30,000 to represent $3,000 per year for the 10 years since her graduation from Hood. P.E. Godette has preached all over the world, but this speaking engagement was most significant because The Connectional Lay Council helped support her ministry trajectory. P.E. Godette stated, “I am evidence that The Connectional Lay Council is making a difference and carrying out the mandate left by Bishop Leake. The Lay Council produces fruit!”

Also, P.E. Godette delivered a powerful message, “Moving from Potential to Power!” She highlighted Genesis 37:3 and used the story of Joseph to illuminate three points as follows: (1) Promotion comes from God; (2) Plan your work and work your plan; and (3) Presence of God is necessary to move from potential to power. P.E. Godette encouraged all to mentor others when we see their potential and train our replacements. P.E. Godette talked about her humble beginnings when she was homeless with a mother on drugs and a father in prison.

She thanked God for her loving husband, Mr. Dante Godette, for loving her for 31 years. She said, “My husband loved me when I had nothing but potential.” P.E. Godette also thanked her current Bishop, The Right Rev. Dr. Dennis V. Proctor, and Missionary Supervisor, D. Diane Proctor, for taking a chance on her and appointing her as the first woman Presiding Elder of The Camden District of The A.M.E. Zion Church. She said, “Thank you, Bishop and Mrs. Proctor, for seeing my potential and for nurturing my husband and me.”

Bishop Frencher and Connectional Lay Council President, Mr. Joseph King Davis, presented Presiding Elder Godette with an award for her generous donation. P.E. Godette asked members from The Camden District to join her at the podium in honor of their love and support. 23 members from Presiding Elder Godette’s District traveled from New Jersey to Kentucky. P.E. Godette let the Connectional Lay Council know she is proud of The Camden District.

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