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Living Beyond Loss: Reflections from The Right Rev. Kenneth Monroe, Senior Bishop, A.M.E.Z. Church


The events of 911, which occurred (20) twenty years ago, will never be forgotten by the citizens of this country. The pain, the suffering, the frustration, the anger and sadness as well as the death of thousands of innocent people continues to live in the hearts and minds of so many families. Yet, life has continued for some people as if nothing happened. Moreover, for another group of people, void spaces continue to be empty. Scores of people died, other people were hurt, property was damaged, other possessions and property was completely destroyed. No doubt, nearly every person who remembers that day understands the magnitude of loss experienced by this nation (20) twenty years ago.

Conversely, life continues to bring episodes of joy and sadness to our lives. Nevertheless, we survive and we can recover. Even the various catastrophic hurricanes, floods, wild fires, the COVID 19 Pandemic and other tragic deaths brought on by senseless killings have knocked us down, but if we survived the impact, we continue to live with an opportunity to recover.

Psalm 46:1 reminds us that “God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in the times of trouble.” While we have experienced great loss, we have also been given the grace and mercy of God to sustain us and allow us to continue to live. As we reflect on the events of 911, it is imperative that we also consider the various experiences of life that have stopped us in our tracks; that have brought tears to our eyes and ushered pain and suffering to our existence. In all that we have experienced, God has been in our midst to keep us, enlighten us, protect us, strengthen us and lead us as we prepare for what will happen next in our lives.

Continue to stay focused, serve faithfully and stand firm on the principles of our faith as we are given opportunity to recover and live beyond loss.

Kenneth Monroe, Senior Bishop

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

September 11, 2021


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