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Oikos Institute Awarded 175k from Trinity Church Wall St.


The Oikos Institute for Social Impact is proud to announce being awarded a $175K grant from Trinity Church Wall Street to develop two case studies, building on the case study done on Bethel A.M.E. Church-Morristown. Bethel, pastored by Oikos co-founder and author of “Fishing Differently: Ministry Formation in the Marketplace” Rev. Dr. Sidney Williams is the flagship anchor institution of the Fishing Differently™ Model. The Fishing Differently™ Case Study program by the Oikos Institute for Social Impact will feature two congregations in under-resourced communities effectively leveraging their assets, including Faith/Financial Capital, Intellectual Capital, Social Capital, Human Capital (F.I.S.H.), and real estate, to create social impact. These case studies will serve as practical examples for learning, offering participants insights into applying concepts in their own contexts, navigating challenges, and identifying opportunities. Selected congregations in cities with Oikos-managed learning cohorts will not only enrich Oikos' training program but also engage church audiences. Beyond education, the case studies find relevance in seminaries, public administration, philanthropy, business, and professional development programs, aiming to bridge understanding gaps between churches and potential funders/partners across sectors, fostering cross-sector collaboration.

In pursuit of their faith-driven commitment to promoting equity and justice, Trinity Church Wall Street's Philanthropies, Neighborhood Support, and Investments teams employ the tools of philanthropy, leveraging their convening power and voice to advance the mission goals of building neighborhoods, leadership, and capacity. Guided by the Philanthropies team, their grantmaking is strategically focused on four initiatives: Housing and Homelessness, Racial Justice, Mission Real Estate Development, and Leadership Development. Their collective efforts across these initiatives reflect a steadfast dedication to fostering an equitable society, where the distribution of resources, opportunities, and challenges transcends racial determinants.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Trinity Church Wall Street for entrusting us to unveil the transformative stories of two more congregations. Beyond education, these case studies will bridge understanding gaps, fostering collaboration between churches and potential financing for social impact projects.” Rev. Dr. Sidney Williams, Co-founder of the Oikos Institute for Social Impact

"At the Oikos Institute, we are deeply appreciative of Trinity Church Wall Street, a vital catalyst for our mission in building equitable and thriving communities. We are excited about the possibilities these case studies hold in catalyzing change and grateful for Trinity Church Wall Street's” partnership. The insights will not only enhance our training programs but also illuminate paths of possibility for others navigating the intersection of faith, finance, and community development.” Rev. Dr. Reginald Blount, Co-founder of the Oikos Institute for Social Impact.

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