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Sen. Murdock’s Open Letter Condemning Hamas’ Attack on Israel


I want to be clear in my unequivocal condemnation of Hamas’ horrific and ongoing attack against innocent Israeli civilians. The indiscriminate murder of Israeli people, the kidnapping and ongoing hostage-taking of Israeli citizens are abhorrent. Beyond the lives lost and shattered, Hamas’ actions have traumatized millions of Jews all over the world, including those in our own community.

I know that many people right here in Durham have family and friends who have been murdered, kidnapped or injured in these attacks.

To my Jewish constituents: I know this has been one of the hardest weeks you have ever experienced. Your lives will forever be changed. I know that you have had to mourn while watching clips of your fellow Americans chant antisemitic slurs. I know your social media feeds are unbearable.

I know you have had to have unimaginable conversations with your children. I know that you feel heartbroken and unsafe. I know that these children could have been your children. I know that this event brings up millenniums of persecution and genocide. I am a witness to your pain, and I stand in solidarity with you. I am here to listen, and will do everything in my power to help you be safe here in North Carolina.

To be clear - I stand firmly against Hamas, a group of violent extremists who have sworn to kill all Jews in Israel and beyond.

This was a grotesque act of terror.

My heart aches for Palestinians in my district and abroad whose lives will be forever changed by this week’s events. I am deeply saddened by the scale of civilian deaths in Gaza, hundreds have been killed, hundreds of thousands of people are currently displaced, and millions are at risk in the days and weeks to come. Millions are in dire need of food and supplies, humanitarian assistance should be provided.

As a Black American, I understand what it means to feel this sense of terror and dread in my body, in history, in society. Racism and antisemitism are deeply tied together. Islamophobia is on the rise.

Our unity is the only way through.

I wish our Jewish community a r’fuah shlemah - a complete renewal of body and spirit - as you process this terrifying act of terror.

In Peace and Solidarity,
Senator Natalie Murdock

Senator Natalie Murdock, Hamas’ attack, Israeli civilians, Open letter


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