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Short Story of Episcopal Candidate Reverend Dr. Bernardo Ngunza


A very dedicated minister of the kingdom of God and to The A.M.E. Zion Church with over 33 years of experience, he has served as a Pastor, Presiding Elder, and Bishop's assistant under the leadership of Bishop Warren, Battle, Crenshaw, Lartey, and Dogbe.

Mention the word faith; it reflects Reverend Ngunza’s life. He never imagined being a minister, but by God’s will and divine appointment, he is one. The calling to ministry started when the chief of the government secret force at his birthplace, Malanje, Angola, asked him to join the secret force in exchange for never reading the Bible and praying. His mother received the notice and, as a prayerful woman, decided to pray based on Daniel’s prayer.

On the following Sunday, the board of trustees at Reverend Ngunza’s Church was notified and made the decision to send Reverend Ngunza to Quessua Missionary School, which belongs to the United Methodist Church. After completing missionary school, he was appointed the same year to serve as a pastor at Kizanga da Barraca Church. Married to Rosa Ngunza, they have five daughters and three grandchildren. He enjoys spending time reading history books. He is passionate about astrology and shares it during his sermons sometimes. He has faced many trials during his years in ministry but still believes ministry is all about Jesus.

Having a personal relationship with Jesus does make one a Christian. Additionally, you must pray, fast, and read the word of God (Bible). He advocates for evangelism and church growth as he runs to be the next Bishop of The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

With God’s Help + Yours = I will succeed in becoming the next Bishop in the life of The A.M.E. Zion Church.

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