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Solution or Resolution? That Is The Question


A solution is a means to solving a problem. This was my main function as an engineer employed in Washington DC. As far back as I can remember, I have always been a person with a knack for solving problems. I got a good amount of my skill set by working on the farm. There were always new challenges. The tractor, water pump, barn or furnace would need repair. It was my responsibility to troubleshoot each issue. I became very skillful in developing a solution, because calling for a repair man was not an option. The dynamics were constantly changing. I went from repairing the hand crank on a manual washing machine to replacing the computer module on an electric one. Either way, the end result had to be that things worked properly again. Farming was part of how we made a living.

Life always presents challenges and somewhere along the line, I ask myself, “Are you trouble shooting your life properly? Are you looking for the solutions in the right place? Are you saving time or wasting quality time by looking for a short cut?” I have always been a believer in finding the root of any problem to diagnose how something works. Being a student of nature, just as with a plant the answers are in the root.The root is like the stomach of the plant, it is the place where nourishment is received and redistributed to cause the plant to flourish. Once I find the solution, as time progresses, I make a resolution to stay on course with the right means and methods that aid in my life flourishing. I take the same course of action when I help others.

In life, the dynamics are always changing like in machines and technology. Many times in life we have to make a re-solution. To make a resolution you are making a firm decision to do or not to do something. Re means to do-over, refresh or repeat. At the end of every year it is common for people to make resolutions for the new year. They are conjuring up plans to solve some sort of problem that they did not overcome throughout the current year. Every solution is not always the right answer to the problem. For example, many make a resolution to start exercising on a weekly basis to get healthy. However, they never stop eating all of the foods that make them unhealthy.

The dynamics of all of our bodies are the same. We may have different features, colors shapes and sizes but we all have a stomach. The stomach is our root, our place for nourishment. What we put into our stomachs will determine our health and strength. It will determine and alter our moods, our will and our ability to think properly. So why don’t we focus on the root? If we have aspirations to do many things, if we have an aspiration to live a long healthy quality life, if we have an aspiration to fulfill our God given call, we must focus on the root. How are we nourishing ourselves? We have to go beyond just praying for good health. We need to undo learned behavior and re-educate ourselves with the right information that will help us to fulfill our God given dreams and desires with a quality of living.

Some things that I see, often puzzle me. For instance, I am invited to different faith based organizations and I often hear the Leader ask the assembly to pray for sick members suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer etc.. After a faith filled prayer, hands lifted in praise and a hardy amen, following would be an announcement: We are having a reception with fried chicken,hot dogs,chips, sodas, ribs,mac and cheese and a variety of cakes ,pies, cookies etc.. Aren’t these the things that contributed to the increase in high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc? Throughout the year, members pass away from those same diseases. The faith filled prayer and the hardy amen did not stop them from dying. God’s Word says, “His people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge”. This is a vicious cycle of destruction in our churches and society today. If your aspiration is to grow as a congregation, you must nourish the root correctly. The people are the root of your congregation.There is no other solution for the well being of the people you love, than to give them the proper nourishment both spiritually and naturally.

Learn how to be nourished properly and seek the real solution rather that a resolution that will only prolong your efforts. I have helped many people get back on course on how God has created our bodies to function. I have a wealth of information for solving problems in our bodies and would like to share my solutions with you. I am available for speaking engagements, workshops, single and group consultations covering the proper way to nourish. It’s time for a solution and resolution contact Zolingo’s Spice for Life at www.zolingosspriceforlife.com or 240-393-5515. Start your year off right! Much success to us all and may we live a happy, healthy quality life.


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