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Virtual Candidate Forums and Interviews Press Release

To The A.M.E. Zion Church constituency, 
By approval of the Board of Bishops, this missive serves to give direction on extending invitations to Episcopal and General Officer Candidates to participate in candidate forums and personal interviews.
Knowing the enormous amount of time afforded to campaigning and the ongoing demand of time necessary to care for your churches, ministries, and families, all Candidates are being instructed to refrain from accepting invitations for collective candidate forums or individual interviews regarding their campaigns from anyone, other than the following:
  1. Invitations from Bishops to their Areas;
  2. Invitations from Connectional Organizations, i.e., WH&OMS, CLC, IMLA, Presiding Elders’ Council, CED, etc.;
  3. Individual Campaign Marketing Materials
Further, we are asking all individuals, churches, presiding elder districts, and other organizations outside of those mentioned to refrain from inviting candidates to forums or individual interviews.
Thank you for your cooperation in keeping order during these times.


Dr. J. Elvin Sadler,
General Secretary-Auditor

Virtual Candidates Forum, Interviews


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