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A Young Poet Who Loves Her Church


Who is She?

On Women’s Day, we stand in awe,
Of the strength and love that our women draw.
They are the pillars, the guiding light,
Through all the struggles and shining so bright.

From late night feeds to sleepless nights,
They give their all, with all their might.
Their sacrifices, often unseen,
A testament to their love, so serene.

Women teach us to be brave and kind,
To chase our dreams, with hearts aligned.
They mold us into who we are today,
Their love and wisdom, forever on display.

So, on this Women’s Day, let’s celebrate,
The women who make our lives so great.
Their love, their strength, their unwavering care,
Deserves all the admiration we can share.

To all the women, near and far,
You are loved, just as you are.
Thank you for everything you do.
We honor and cherish each one of you.


A Poetic Tribute To My One And Only Union Oak Church

In the heart of my town, stands a place so grand,
Where love and devotion, forever expand.
It's my church, where I find solace and peace,
A haven of faith that never seems to cease.

The walls adorned with stories of old,
Reminders of the faith that once foretold.
Stained glass windows, vibrant and bright,
Illuminate the space with heavenly light.

The pews, worn with years of faithful prayer,
are filled with voices, lifted in sacred air.
The choir's harmonies, like angel wings,
Being a melody that in my heart forever sings.

The pastor stands tall, with words that inspire,
Guiding us closer to God's holy fire.
A beacon of wisdom and grace, nourishing our souls in this sacred place.

In fellowship, we gather, hand in hand,
Supporting one another, as a united band, Through the trails and triumphs, we find strength, as we journey together, no matter the length.

I cherish my one and only union oak church where I grew up from since birth, it's a treasure untold, A refuge of faith, more precious than gold.
No matter where life leads I will always remember where I came from, union oak will forever hold a special place in my heart!


Amaiya Allen is a young member of Union Oak A.M.E. Zion Church in Hope Mills, North Carolina. Amaiya lives in Virginia but spends her summers and holidays in Fayetteville, NC, with her grandparents, Ronnie and Franscene Allen. Aaiya amazed the congregation with a special poem that was written by her for Mother's Day. She once again shared her talent with the members with a special poem for our 142nd Homecoming Celebration. She made a special appearance via a recorded version of her poem.

Amaiya is a ninth grader in Virginia, and writing is her passion. Her greatest passion is her love for her church, Union Oak. Her love for her church shows within her poems. When she visits, she enjoys singing on the Voices of Praise Choir, participating on the dance team, attending Vacation Bible School, and loving on her Class Leader, Sis. Eva Williams, who keeps in constant contact with her when she returns to Virginia, as well as her Pastor, Rev David Gilchrist, II.

It is our prayer that Amaiya continues to write and share the love of Jesus through her writings. We are excited about what God is doing in her life.

Poem, Amaiya Allen


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