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One In The Spirit: A Black Methodist Revival Held in Detroit


On October 12-14, 2016, in the beautiful metropolis of Detroit, Michigan at the Bethel A.M.E. Church, host Pastor Rev. David Jarrett, the Black Methodist Revival was held. The African Methodist Episcopal Zion, the African Methodist Episcopal, and the Christian Methodist Episcopal (AMEZ, AME, and CME) Churches came together to praise our Lord with the theme “One In The Spirit.” Each night our souls were truly revived with the dynamic singing of the Black Methodist Combined Choir, Liturgical Dancers, and the powerful uplifting Word of God Almighty.

Bishop Teresa E. Snorton Presiding Prelate of the 5th Episcopal District of the C.M.E. church brought an anointing word entitled “Activate Your Faith,” from Hebrews 11:1-7. This first female bishop in the C.M.E. church gave us illustrations of our faith being like a spiritual debit card it’s invisible but available to us every day through Jesus Christ. However our faith must be activated through prayer, our relationship with God, belief, and the study of God’s Holy Word, the Bible. We must have something in the spiritual bank in order to draw something out; therefore our Faith must always be active. We were inspired and elevated to a higher level in Christ under this uplifting Word of God.

Thursday night Rev. Eldren D. Morrison, Pastor of Shaw Temple A.M.E. Zion, preached from II Corinthians 4:8-9, “Struggling But Not Losing.” This sermon had profound impact on all in attendance. Rev. Morrison told us while we live in our hour of tribulations to never give up because God is always in control. Because of God, we can handle defeat without being defeated. God still blesses us in the mist of our struggles. He also stated you may be in a “good church” with issues because everybody in the church may not be saved saints or spiritually mature. However, we must do what is right even when church people hurt us, remember we may be “Struggling, But We Are Not Losing” the fight. God gets the glory through our struggles. This message was timely indeed especially with everything going on in America today. Again our souls took part in a Spiritual Revival and we will never be the same due to this consecrated Servant of God our Father who abundantly blessed our hearts, souls and minds with his preaching, he gave us a mountain top experience without taking an airplane.

Friday night, Rev. Dr. Teresa L. Fry Brown, A.M.E. Historiographer and Executive Director of Research and Scholarship, preached from Ezekiel 37:9-11 on “Hold On To Your Hope.” This powerful, fiery preacher told us Israel had lost their hope, expectations and they became dry and slipped into spiritual death. Ezekiel saw a valley of dry, dead bones, but having God in our lives can bring us back from dead situations. This anointed woman used awesome illustrations from the numbering of cells, bones, muscles and tissues in our bodies, she literally broke every fiber of our body down to make it plain: “There are times we must be still in order to hear from God so we can “Hold On To Our Hope.” Broken dreams and broken spirits have been pronounced dead. But God has a plan for our growth. Look for the divine direction it’s not over; our God opens up graves and speaks life and resurrects dead situations in our churches, homes and life experiences. Therefore, God is our spring of hope eternal, the Spirit of renewal and redemption. We must hold on and hold out with our hope.”

This “One In The Spirit Black Methodist Revival” was truly delightful uplifting jewels from glory. We were blessed tremendously each night. Our Presiding Elders: Ronald L. Bailey, A.M.E. Dynamic Detroit District, Norman Osborn AME (Michigan), Rev. Michael Lemon A.M.E. Detroit District and Phillip Washington C.M.E. were in attendance to lead us into higher heights of praise and worship. We thank our majestic Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for being with us each night of our “One In The Spirit Black Methodist Revival!”


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